Jones & Sons dominate Trip Kitchen, Haggerston




Very often used to describe things which are crazy, cool, chaotic.

…It’s pretty appropriate then that the name given to the awesome little pockets of business which nestle themselves into the cobbled bosom of Haggerston’s railway arches is Trip Space. Whether it’s yoga classes, physical theatre performances or, as we discovered, the tastebud seducing efforts from Jones & Sons in Trip Kitchen, you’re guaranteed to come away from Trip Space with a wicked lasting impression.

The Jones & Sons boys have migrated the short distance from their flagship restaurant in Dalston to make even more hungry East Londoners fall in love with their sexy culinary skills. We went and got involved with their refreshingly original menu of ever-changing choices whilst managing to sink more eye-wateringly strong bevvies than any two people ever need to knock back on a Monday night. After working our way through most of the cocktails on the menu and through the well-honed art of a drunken process of elimination, we concluded that the Grey Lady was, in our then-impaired opinions, the finest drink on their menu. It was all Earl Grey-infused this and gin-laced that, so it wasn’t long before we were well and truly trippin’ balls in Trip Kitchen.

The food was ridiculous. For those people expecting to choose from options like egg and chips or breaded scampi, you’re probably best sticking to your generic Wimpy restaurant. For anyone else with good sense and good taste, expect offerings of the more eclectic variety. We had pig’s cheek, for crying out loud. Like, as in, Babe’s face. It was so goddamn tasty, I’ve since decided to make a more concerted effort to indulge in other alternative animal facial parts like chicken forehead maybe. Or Llama lips. Why not. We also chowed down on the Butcher’s steak. Rumour has it, this cut of meat came about because butchers-of-old used to stash the best bits of the cow for themselves. Rude. Anyway, luckily the Jones & Sons dudes have waded in on this meat-themed travesty, giving their blessed diners the chance to steal back from the cheeky little moo manhandlers and trust us when we say that it’s worth the theft. Other dishes we had included salmon tartare, confit of lamb, triple cooked chips and a bitchin Mac ’n’ Cheese. It was all so freaking tasty, we found ourselves wolfing it down at indigestion-inducing speeds. Maybe avoid this. Take your time. Savour the flavour.

Lord knows I’m a fiend for cool interior design and Trip Kitchen wins this game too. With us being suckers for exposed brick and barrelled ceilings, this sprawling space comes with a surprisingly cosy atmosphere and a super-chilled vibe which helps make a night at Trip Kitchen even more legit.

Jones & Sons, we salute you. Love what you’ve done with the place.

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